We manufacture high-quality, premium looking & best in class porcelain & ceramic tiles.
Our designs - Our USP


To make world a more beautiful place - one tile at a time.

In today’s world, time is of essence and trust is a rare currency.
We know that someone, somewhere some part of the world is building something of great value to them and we at Colortile want to be a part of it. We work 24x 7 - 365 days a year - to fulfil these demands.
We want to become the first choice of architectures, builders, creators and makers.
We want to innovate and create something that is of value to everyone. We work hard to deliver a top notch product - that passes every test of quality and time.


To capture the imagination of every creator and bring it to life.

Nothing dies faster than an idea in a closed mind!
Big or small, good or great, ordinary or out of the world - we want to bring ideas to life for everyone; because when these ideas will become home - we will be a part of it. When these ideas will become something monumental - we will tell their stories. When these ideas will become historic - our names will go down in history with them.

About Us

Bringing architectural ideas, designs & innovations to life, since 2008.

Colortile is a leading ceramic tiles manufacturing company based in India. Over the last 14 years, we have enabled architects, interior designers, decorators and stylists, to bring their ideas to life.

We create world class products, that caters to India and over 65 countries across the globe. Colortile undebatably is one of the largest manufacturers of PGVT, GVT and WALL tiles. Our products find a wide base of application ranging from residential and commercial to artistic & industrial.

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Our product makes us a Winner … always!


Annual Return

Our Values

Our commitments are more important to us than anything else in the world. We treat every order with same enthusiasm and priority.
Integrity and trust are the two most important pillars of our business.
We believe in offering beautiful solutions to every construction need.
We believe in differentiating ourselves through our product and services.
We want our clients and business partners to be our recommenders.

Fernando Petreccia
Tough Love!

We love what we create…
BUT discard products with even the minutest error in any aspect!
Each of our completed product goes through multiple rounds of human aided and automated quality checks to match highest quality standards. We have a ‘zero’ error acceptance policy for all our deliveries.

Marcello Petreccia
Made in India, For the World

We strongly believe in the ancient sanskrit saying - Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - meaning ‘The World is One Family’ and therefore, we make something that is meant for the world.
Our systems, processes and designs are made to match the global trends, style and most importantly - the quality standards. Our product travels the length and breadth of the globe to be a part of the most desirable projects.

Patrick Mathieu
Driven by Purpose

We are aware that what we make is more important than us. Our product becomes a part of multimillion dollar projects with high stakes and therefore, we treat our business commitments with utmost priority and punctuality.
We are dedicated and most importantly determined to deliver nothing but the best!

Patrick Mathieu

We are not short sighted about the distant future as we build a better today and tomorrow. While our focus is always on the product, we do not neglect the environment. We follow all the norms of the local and global authorities on safety and standardization at every step right from procurement to packaging.
We are constantly innovating and improving to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint.

World Class Technology powered by the best in the world

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